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‚ÄúRaising YOUth awareness of BIO-diversity conservation via webTOON”- Bio-You Toon is a 24-month Cooperation Partnership that aims to raise awareness and foster education on the critical importance of biodiversity among today’s youth. Our mission is to empower young people to take action in biodiversity conservation and cultivate collaborations between youth NGOs and budding researchers, all through an innovative medium: comics.

Through “BioYouToon” the Consortium will harness the captivating power of Webtoon storytelling to engage and inspire youth across the globe. We will create a series of interactive and visually stunning webcomics that transport readers into a world where biodiversity comes alive. Through compelling narratives, relatable characters, and thought-provoking plotlines, we will immerse young readers in the wonders of nature and awaken their sense of responsibility as stewards of our planet.

Join us on this transformative journey as we empower the next generation to champion biodiversity conservation. Together, we can rewrite the story of our planet’s future and ensure a thriving, harmonious world for generations to come.