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Our Partners

Impact Grid (IG) was originally established in 2012 with the name of Net Impact Berlin, as the Berlin chapter of global organization Net Impact; and connected academicians, students and practitioners that work for mainstreaming universal principles on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

As a response to the increasing importance of (social) entrepreneurship and (social) innovation and growing impact of entrepreneurs and innovators in bringing about positive change, the organization has evolved its focus over the years. Today, it concentrates on raising communities’ awareness on global challenges humanity is facing today and generating behavioural change for a sustainable future. It focuses on implementing educational projects with international partners and engaging diverse stakeholder groups in the realization of globally set priorities such as sustainable development goals.

Since 2019, the organization continues its activities under the name of Impact Grid e.V. and participates in educational activities with a focus on sustainability and sustainable development. The subjects covered in IG’s activities and projects include impact entrepreneurship, social innovation, responsible management, CSR, environmental sustainability, and digital responsibility. Through its projects, IG supports youth workers, entrepreneurs, innovators, sart-ups and SMEs in their sustainability transformation. IG regards innovation as a crucial component of companies’ sustainable development strategies and advises them on innovative processes to develop products, services or models that are:

  • sustainable for the company and environment, and;
  • valuable for society.

IG tries to support “META IDEAS”, that present ways of supporting the production and transmission of other working ideas with a positive impact. IG seeks to connect the best entrepreneurs and innovators globally and empower them to change the world for the better.

The NGO MV International [MVI] is a nonprofit “association of organisations” that cultivates social involvement, initiates training / events and directs community building activities towards inclusive, sustainable and reflective societies.

Established in 2012, MVI is today a global actor closely cooperating with its 37 memeber organizations international NGOs and public/private sector stakeholders.

A network of NGOs around the globe aimed also to promote participatory planning and exchange of knowledge among professionals in the field of UN and European funding and project design.

Xsentrikarts is a non-profit project incubator. We combine research with artistic practice, capacity building and exchange to activate and promote social change, sustainability, inclusion and well-being –in our built environment, within ourselves and amongst each other.

We create movies and films, as well as interactive stories, and use storytelling and artistic practice to inspire and create change; to promote diversity and equality; to advocate sustainable, healthy living solutions and dialogue in our lives and our spaces; and to promote stories, places, people who are engaged in projects that activate or regenerate buildings, communities, and societies. In short, to communicate intricate themes to wider audiences, inspire and create change, and foster dialogue.

Members of the association come from various backgrounds, including culture, applied arts, filmmaking, contemporary architecture and urbanism. As a result, our work is diverse, and unabashedly interdisciplinary.

NGO NEST Berlin is an umbrella organisation  for promoting and executing international projects to create an impact for social change. With our network partners we support adults and youths through functioning as a hub for European projects – from project design to research and implementation.  

NEST is thus strongly involved in the design and management of international projects in all sectors of Erasmus+ (Youth, Adult, VET, Schools, Sports) as well as in H2020, AMIF and EuropeAid. Moreover, as a trusted organisation for volunteering activities, through European Solidarity Corps and other international youth programs, NEST is regularly engaged in sending and receiving young people from all over Europe and Africa.

Polygonal North oy has started its journey as a start-up in Finland which is offering tailor-made solutions in educational technologies, having profound techno-digital skills and fundraising strategies for the new SME”s in the world of business.

We are dedicated providing customer-oriented project solutions in the context of education particularly VET, educational software’s, Cross Platform Build (IOS & Android) development, AE, Learning Management System (LMS) integration and optimization.

In the context of Educational Solutions, we are structuring and planning to deliver in-service training across Finland and providing job-shadowing activities and digital solutions through further upgrading educational environments and bringing innovation for educational environments.

Polygonal North oy has established recently however organization’s human resources have been working with EU funding’s since 2014.We have solid experience in drafting, SWAT analyses, developing and finalization of EU subsidies. Staff of the Polygonal North has managed Erasmus, Policy Experimentation, Centralized actions and regional findings’ now 3 full time staff working and 2 part-time(performance-based) staff working for Polygonal North oy.

Nicea Culture and Education Association, located in İznik/Bursa, is dedicated to promoting intercultural dialogue, non-formal education, mutual understanding, and solidarity. It was formed by a group of passionate educational professionals who recognized the need to come together and support individuals with educational mobility.

The mission of NICEA is to promote the sustainable development of local communities through national and international cooperation, education, and training, by empowering individuals. We believe in the power of non-formal education, and we use engaging game-based methods to make learning entertaining and effective.

Our activities cover a broad range of topics, including entrepreneurship, culture, youth participation, ecology and environmental issues, gender equality, and social inclusion. We aim to bring the best European practices to our local activities and serve as a model for other organizations in the region.

As the only local NGO implementing Erasmus+ projects in our area, we take pride in our commitment to bringing innovative ideas and approaches to our community. We strive to create a positive impact on the lives of individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and we are dedicated to fostering a culture of lifelong learning and active citizenship.