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Introducing E-Manual: Your Practical Guide to Empowering and Engaging Young People in Environmental Conservation


Welcome to the BioYouToon Toolkit. The BioYouToon toolkit is designed to explore biodiversity in an engaging manner. It begins with an overview of biodiversity and its importance, followed by real-world examples of its benefits and the risks of its decline. The toolkit aids in understanding the causes and consequences of biodiversity loss and also delves into political and international efforts for conservation. After grasping the most important issues about biodiversity, users can engage in interactive activities to get closer to real-life biodiversity. Suitable for both individual learners and educators, the toolkit offers a comprehensive approach to understanding and conserving biodiversity. 

Webtoon Comics

Co-created by the young people involved in the local activities and partner organizations, aimed at raising awareness among young people about biodiversity, while at the same time improving the skills of participants in acting as multipliers of knowledge and ambassadors of biodiversity.